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We’ve been making pretty good progress through our window glossary, and the forecast only shows more of the same. In previous installments here on the Croft LLC. blog, we covered some pretty key information regarding the way double paned windows help to better insulate; the insulating gasses used to fill the space; and some important organizations that help ensure a quality product and a quality aluminum window, vinyl window, storm window, or patio door buying experience. We’ll give a quick recap of our discussion last month, then we’ll move into the new terms for the coming month. As we’ve discussed many times, annealing is the process through which glass is made stronger. If glass hasn’t been annealed, it is more likely to shatter and cleave in dangerous ways. This is just one of many improvements made to window glass in modern times. Another improvement is that of making windows multi-paned. By using space as an insulator, multi-paned windows can offer greater efficiency. Cushions of air essentially serve as a buffer to even out temperature change. By using different fillers within the window cavity, heat loss and gain can be lessened even further. Argon, one such insulator, can help to help reduce the amount of energy that is allowed to pass through a window. As our world becomes increasingly energy conscious, these tools to increase energy efficiency will become even more prominent and important. The model of the home as a sealed and temperature-controlled environment is a helpful way to visualize and understand the importance of energy efficiency measures. In this equation, quality aluminum windows or vinyl windows can make the difference in the energy efficiency of a residence or business. As a consumer, it’s important to be aware and informed when buying aluminum windows and patio doors. There is a lot to know. This is where testing organizations and standard-setting organizations can ease the burden of consumers. That’s where we left off last time, so with everyone up to speed, lets get underway looking at this month’s new vocabulary.

The ANSI (American National Standards Institute) is basically a one-stop shop for standards and specifications of all different types. Obviously, the need for coherent and solid standard measures in a manufacturing industry (especially vinyl windows and aluminum windows) is huge. The level of precision in the window manufacturing process can make or break the overall quality of the final product. Another important organization in the standard and quality measurement department is the ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers). To add to the list, the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) also contributes to the standard setting and quality control in the window manufacturing industry. Without organizations such as these, the aluminum window and vinyl window industry could be very hit or miss. The standards established by these organizations help ensure buyer confidence and help to improve the overall quality of the products in the industry. As we’ve been discussing over the past several weeks, the energy efficiency of a home can be made or broken by the quality of the windows and doors that seal the house from the outside world. Therefore, quality is a very important issue. With organizations in place to help ensure strong standards by which to measure and gauge the quality of the products, the industry has been able to build consumer confidence and product quality.

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