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This company by far has been the most professional personnel to deal with. From the owner to employees, start to finish all promises were fulfilled 100 percent and the quality of work was amazing and under the time promised to be completed. Our new windows look amazing. Thank you

-Gary N.
Lake Arrowhead, CA

From the business owner:

I believe in No gimmicks, No games and No nonsense. While other companies will lure you with switch and bait tactics of offering a window for $180 only to tell you that price didn’t include installation when they arrive to your home.  Our pricing will always be lower than all of our competitors because we manufacture our own products.  If it isn’t lower we offer a simple price guarantee, all I ask is for a copy of our competitor’s estimate and if it is legitimate we will beat it. So cut out the middleman and give us a call today to get your free estimate factory direct.

-Jesse C.

Vinyl Windows

When searching for vinyl windows, you’ll want to keep a few important facts in mind. Of course, beauty and general aesthetic improvement is a huge factor. No one wants eyesores on their home, and finding a company that can provide several types of vinyl windows is paramount in your search for great looking windows. Next, professional installation must be included and at a premium level of quality. The last thing you’d want to do while remodeling your home is deal with window installation. Let the professionals handle it after you’ve chosen your desired look. As a provider of new construction and replacement windows for nearly two decades, United Windows provides all of these important features at a high level. Not only will you be getting the highest quality replacement windows but you will also be getting the best price guaranteed.

Finding the Right Company for Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows have provided a much higher level of energy efficiency in windows and doors for quite some time now.  Vinyl windows are much easier to maintain and adjust than their wooden counterparts, and they can withstand greater forces of nature as well. Considering the fact that they never need painting, it’s no wonder that when it comes to vinyl windows, California residents have chosen United Windows to serve their needs. Those in search of vinyl windows in California can turn to the professionals at United Windows to add value and energy efficiency to their homes in one fell swoop.

How to Select the Right Vinyl Windows

If you’re a prepared shopper, seeking the best windows is a very possible task, and in fact, it’s quite easy. United Windows has made the process easy, and all you’ll have to do is decide which styles you’re going for. Think of your entire home’s look, and if you’re remodeling, picture your new and improved home in your mind. Look through United Windows’ extensive selection of vinyl windows, patio doors and decorative grids. Keep the practical aspects in mind – pick thermal performance specifications that match your needs. Warmer climates may have different needs than colder climates. Then, take a look at the glass options available and select the right type and look for your doors and windows. Remodeling or upgrading a home can be a hectic job, so United Windows offers you the chance to sit back and simply have fun selecting attractive setups. When you’ve chosen the basic look of your products, you’ll be presented with more options for grids and hardware. Remember that United Windows will take care of you, so let the only limits of your choices be your imagination of budget.

Energy Efficient Vinyl Windows

United Windows takes energy efficiency very seriously. In fact, it has developed several region-specific glass packages for the different climates of the United States. Energy Star® glass packages feature Low E 366 technology, which use advancements in insulating technology to dramatically reduce the transfer of heat and cold. Simply put, United Windows offers glass packages that can help save you money and energy. That’s good for you and the planet. That’s why when they are in need of vinyl windows, California residents choose United Windows.

*10 Window Special Exclusions:

  • Maximum 820 united inches (see below)
  • Tempered glass not included
  • Casement, arch, double hung, trapezoid, oversize, bay, garden or bow windows not included
  • Color coated frames, grids extra

width + height= united inches
example:  36″ width + 48″ height= 84 united inches

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