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Article by Mack Burns

Sliding doors offer a very good measure for security, as you can speak with someone or even receive packages without having to open the main door. For single women especially it is a good option, as if you are staying alone, you might be an easy target. There is no 100{35765b1a37518245d093f60eec45d0b07cf240b543885738cbb8fa5e95b94af7} guarantee for anything in life, but security sliding doors help keep you and your family safe in a small but significant way.

Advantages and Drawbacks

There are different kinds of security doors, like pedestrian gates, security screen doors, security steel doors, sliding gates and steel gates. But apart from being a security measure, sliding doors have many advantages in your home. Some of them are:

* Sliding doors are a great option for rooms with cramped space and don’t have a place for open doors.* Glass sliding doors to separate spaces in a room is a good idea as it gives you privacy without making the room look small.* Safety glass is a norm today and can even be used as an exterior door.* In bathrooms, sliding doors are a boon, as it helps keep the water out of the rest of the bathroom from the shower area.* In areas where you want built-in wardrobes, sliding glass is a great option, as it saves a lot of space.* When children are outside, you can keep an eye on them very easily even though you might want to keep the heat outside.* Hung sliding doors don’t even leave dirty tracks behind, so you end up with a nice open clean home.* Now days there are automated sliding doors so they open with only a touch.* Having a glass sliding door allows the sunlight to come in and makes the room well lit and airy.* As said earlier, it is a good security option if made of steel, as you can speak with the visitor through this door.

Some drawbacks:

* When sliding doors are made of glass, they can be dangerous as it would be an easy entry point for burglars. * When sliding doors are mounted on the tracks, there will be a build up of dirt. The only way to prevent a dirt build up is to regularly clean the tracks.* If you use aluminium sliding doors, it could pose a problem for you as they heat up very quickly, so in summer it would be a problem. Likewise in winter, they would be freezing to your touch.* Wood and vinyl doors get spoilt pretty quickly, so you should try and avoid using them as exterior doors.

Sliding doors give a very attractive look to your home, so you should definitely install one after considering its pros and cons. If you require assistance with sliding doors, then you can get in touch with ShieldGuard Security Doors and Gates and they will help you.

After working in the steel doors and gates business for over 16 years, Mack Burns decided to start writing fulltime. Today, he writes interesting and insightful articles, mostly about the field that he worked in for so many years.

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