A Comparison of Vinyl Windows and Fibreglass Windows

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If you are thinking of replacing the windows in your house, there are two options from which you can choose. One is the vinyl type window and the other, the fibreglass window. The material used to make the vinyl window is the polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This is usually used to make pipes for plumbing work, electrical work etc. The PVC contains many chemicals, pigments, plasticizers etc. as their ingredients. Due to this, the use of PVC is not much desirable, as the chemicals in it may harm the environment. Conversely, the fibreglass windows use fibreglass as their building material.

If you check online to know which type is better, you may not get a clear answer as every seller tries to hold up the advantages of his product, so as to increase their sales. The fact is that each product has advantages and disadvantages and it is quite difficult to make the choice at the first sight.

The selection should depend on the requirement of each individual.

In the case of insulation property, the vinyl type of windows are better than the fibreglass ones. The vinyl windows have a special design that can help to trap air, and thereby maintain the temperature in the room as it is. This insulating power of the vinyl windows is considered to be 3 times more than what the fibreglass windows can offer. Hence if insulation is the purpose, go for a vinyl type window!

When it comes to the strength of the material, definitely fibreglass windows are better. They have good strength and can last more compared to vinyl windows. When temperature variations occur, they expand and contract, but lesser than the vinyl ones. Hence it can be said that they are more weather resistant, while vinyl windows easily crack, warp shrink or even rot when subjected to severe weather conditions.

Another advantage of fibreglass windows over the vinyl windows is that they can be painted again, any number of times. Whereas the vinyl windows cannot be painted as the paint doesn’t adhere to their surface. But one good thing about them is that owing to the good quality with which they are made, they do not come to a state when they need to be repainted! If you are looking out to paint your house new every season, and would like to change the window colour according to the new paint, you should definitely go for the fibreglass windows, which allow repainting.

A very critical knowledge about vinyl windows is that it is simple plastic type material and has more chances of catching fire! But with fibreglass windows, this risk can be avoided fully as fibreglass is not flammable. Due to this safety reason, they are much more costly compared to the vinyl windows. Thus you can see that both have pros as well as cons. Depending upon your requirement, you can select the best type and colour suited for your house, from a local store, and then get it installed.

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