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One of the supplementary reasons folks look at replacing their windows in Charlotte is the concern of security. Many of the things that render your old window energy inefficient, can additionally make it unsafe as well. When it comes to the security of your Charlotte replacement windows, a lot is determined by what you don’t see.

From a security standpoint, you need to look at three areas when determining what Charlotte replacement windows to buy. To start with, structural integrity. Thick, bulky frames don’t often equate with strength. Ask the window rep to demonstrate to you a cutway of the inside of the frame and sash. What you would like to see at this point is a lot of 90 degree bends. Similarly to steel, each place where vinyl is formed with a 90 degree bend adds to the overall strength of the frame or sash.

Next, look for a pick resistant lock. Almost unfailingly, the locking mechanisms that seem to grade highest on a forced entry test (level 1-10, 10 being the highest) are routed into the vinyl as opposed to being surface mounted. In addition to being less aesthetically pleasing. A surface mounted lock is typically attached to an interior metal, which is often touted as a reinforcement. The dilemma is that in the vast majority of cases, the “reinforcement” is typically aluminum, which conducts heat and cold way too effortlessly, leading to other issues.

The third, and maybe most essential item to look for is some sort of thermally sound reinforcement in the sash rail close to the outer walls of the home. This is the part of sash that has the apparatus that the lock truly fits into. From a thermal and strength standpoint, a fiberglass insert is categorically best in this case. When it comes to Charlotte replacement windows and security, do your homework and find the right product.

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