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Article by Ryan Jackson

Sliding Wardrobe Doors are becoming increasingly popular today. This is probably because they are very easy to install and doesn’t take too much space when opening. They also come in varieties of designs.If you are trying to find the perfect sliding doors for your wardrobe, you must first realize that there are three configurations of sliding doors. These are:* Side by Side – The side by side design comes with two sliding doors that roll over each other in order for the wardrobe to be opened. This is the most common type of sliding doors that can be normally seen in many different places.* Slide to the Walls – This type has two doors as well, just like the side by side type. The difference is that instead of sliding against each other, both doors are glided through the side walls. This way, the whole part of the closet will be opened, unlike the side by side type wherein you can only open the half part of the entire cabinet. Slide to the walls sliding doors are better since you can have the whole closet opened but it is way more expensive, too. This is because you’ve got to have enough room on each side in order for the doors to glide in.* Panel folding – This is also one of the most common sliding wardrobe doors. It consists of two panels, wherein the panels fold up when the closet is opened.Additional ConsiderationsSo now that you already know the three types of sliding door configurations, you can now choose which among these types fits your preference the most. Another thing that you must know is that all sliding doors have one thing in common – all of them have railings. Railings are placed on top and bottom in order for the wheels to glide. If the railings are not in perfect alignment, you’ll end up having problems in sliding your closet doors.In order to avoid this problem, you have to make sure that the railings are perfectly aligned and if the wheels can glide on them easily. The wheels should match the railings. If the wheels are too big or too small, your sliding doors might not shut properly or fully.Be CreativeWhile you can always run down to the store and rummage through their stocks of sliding doors, you have to understand that you can always try experimenting by yourself. You may choose to mix and match the different colors, shades and designs. You can also choose your desired finishing of the door. Varieties of finishing choices are available such as timber veneer or vinyl, and there’s even a stained look one. There also different materials that available such as glass, fiber, wood, and steel.Finding the perfect sliding wardrobe doors in the market can only depend at how you want your closet to appear and how well they can match the overall interior design of your bedroom. So, make sure to decide carefully in order to make it appear beautifully.

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