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We all want to save some money in these difficult times. One way do it, is to do home improvements by ourselves, instead of getting a company do to it for us. Things such as wall paining are not really that difficult, so most people can do it themselves. There are however jobs around a home that are much more difficult, and one needs to be very careful when doing them. Such jobs include fitting a patio door.

If you feel confident and have some knowledge about it, you can try and fit a patio door yourself. There are also quite a few websites which will help you in case you get stuck or face a problem. You can also ask local building supply shops, as they are often willing to lend a helping hand and give good advice.

When taking on the job yourself be advised that it might influence the value of your house, when you want to sell it. Some buyers might be concerned about a number of problems they might face in the future, should the door was fitted incorrectly.

1) Are the walls still strong and the structure untouched after you have made some serious changes by adding a new door?

2) Is the door fitted properly and is it safe to use them?

3) Can you provide a potential buyer with any kind of certification to show that the door is fitted properly and safely?

Getting a certification is quite difficult, and a lack of it might discourage prospective buyers from buying your house.

Their main concern will not be however the safety and security of the fitting. They know that the door has been there for a few years without any problems, so there is a good chance that everything will be just fine. What they will worry about is if they will be able to sell the house later, without having a certificate. Therefore, before deciding on fitting a patio door by yourself think about how it might affect the price and sale of your house.

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