New Replacement Windows Can Keep Your Home Warmer in winter

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Article by Brian M. McLauren

As winter nears, are you worried that your home won’t stay warm throughout the long winter months? Many homeowners today resort to temporary fixes to try to make their home feel more comfortable in the cold winter months. Things like caulking and sealing cracks in window panes, buying heavy drapery to block out cold air, securing plastic on the interior of windows, or purchasing additional blinds, may not be the best course of action. You might have to resort to replacing your windows completely in order to achieve the best result.

Even if your windows look fine on the outside, you might be due to replace them. So if you can’t tell if your windows need to be replaced by simply looking at them, what are some of the signs that you should be aware of?

Signs You Need to Replace Your Windows

Barring broken window panes, there are a few tell-tale signs that you need to replace your windows:

• You have difficulty opening and closing your windows.• You feel a draft around your window.• You’re spending too much on heating and cooling bills.• Window frames are rotting, chipping or warping.• They fog up or freeze in the winter months.• You find condensation on your windows.

Installing replacement windows can easily eliminate these problems and make your home feel more comfortable in the winter months. Now that you know why you need to replace your windows, how can you be sure which windows will make your home feel the warmest this winter?

Replacement Window Options

There are many replacement window options to choose from, which can make it a difficult choice. You want to install windows that will keep your home feeling comfortable, looking nice and you also want to stay within your budget. Here just a few of the options you might want to consider.

• EnergyStar Replacement Vinyl Windows: These windows have earned the EnergyStar government rating, so you know that they’re incredibly energy efficient. With these windows the look of your home will be enhanced, and you’ll also enjoy lower heating bills this winter.• Specialty Vinyl Windows: Windows come in all shapes, sizes and styles including casement, bow, bay, and more. Create an elegant look while also keeping heating bills low.• Wood Windows: For homeowners who want to retain the look of their existing wood windows, replacement wood windows are a great option.

If you’ve wrestled with costly heating bills in winters past, you don’t need to this winter if you install replacement windows.

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