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Patios are very important is enhancing the natural lighting of your house. Needless to say, doors for patios should be carefully chosen. There are several varieties of doors when it comes to patio. You can easily choose a type for your house, depending on your requirements.

Here are a few options that you will usually get while looking for patio doors.

Double units – Double panel units have a sliding panel and a stationary panel. The sliding unit will have a screen on the exterior that will provide security to the interior of the house. Double unit panels usually come in wood or vinyl or a combination of both.Triple units – Triple panel patio units have a sliding panel and two stationary panels. Generally, the sliding panel is positioned in the middle panel of glass. These types of patio doors can be made out of wood or vinyl or a combination of both.Hinge units – This is typically called French door that has the facility of opening either inwards or outwards. Such types of patio doors are available in wood or fiberglass on the exterior and wood on the interior. Hinge patio panels are made up of a single glass pane or several panes of glass. Typically, French doors open in the middle and do not have any screen to protect the house interiors.

Your patio doors need proper treatment as it is not only a detail of your house, but it is also a focal point of your house. Door treatment adds the privacy element to your patio fronts. Here are a few treatments that you can consider for your patio doors.

Blinds – If you have a double panel patio door, you can consider getting some blinds. These are easy to handle as they can be adjusted in a way so that it only covers the stationary glass panel. They are easy to clean when compared to curtains. You can choose any color and pattern for your blinds, depending on the hue of your room.

Curtains – It is a popular option that most people choose to decorate their patio doors. You can get varieties of textiles when looking for curtains. It is advisable to get some sun-resistant fabric for your curtains.

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