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When it comes to replacing the old windows in home people generally choose the wood windows or the steel windows. But before you consider buying them it is better to first understand the disadvantages connected with them. These frames are not as efficient as vinyl windows and people tend to choose them due to their ignorance. But the wooden and steel frames have their own drawbacks and limitations. So it is better to compare them all before you buy the perfect window frame for your home.

The first thing that you need to decide is the kind of window that you want. Some of the styles, like sliding frames are not apt for wooden doors. Similarly, when choosing casement windows, some people prefer to use wood windows as they offer better variety. But if you want different styles of frames and don’t want to compromise on the style or quality then you can choose vinyl frames which are available in different styles easily.

Whether you choose sliding frames, bay windows or the casement ones, the vinyl frames are apt for all these styles and provide you with better option.

When it comes to efficiency there again the UPVC windows rank better than steel windows or the wooden ones. This is because UPVC enjoys a better life as compared to the other material. It is way too affordable as well. When it comes to dealing with the seasonal change then also they are better. The wooden and steel frames have a tendency to fade under the sunlight but the UPVC ones maintain their original beauty. This means that you don’t have to worry about regular maintenance work and can save that extra expense.
During the monsoons, the wooden frames are inefficient and allow the water to seep in while the steel frames rattle due to the wind. They are not efficient enough to control the outside noise as well. But when you choose the vinyl windows then you don’t have to deal with any such problems and are able to protect your home better. This is why it is better to choose the vinyl frames for your home.

It is best to buy your doors and windows through renowned company as that would be able to provide you with quality frames that can provide adequate protection. Some of them offer additional customization services as well wherein you can get the window fitted with special features. The frames are available in different sizes and whether you need casement windows or French style frames you would be able to get them for your home easily. The frames come in different colors also that enable the buyers to opt for the one that matches their décor easily.

Fenesta is the window expert of India specializing in the design, manufacture, installation and service of Vinyl windows. Fenesta brings casement windows that give your home attractive and elegant look.

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